Hey!! New guy here. Just wanted to introduce myself.

Hi OSJ ,New to the forum here,just wanted to introduce my self,get to know a bit more about the club and hoping to be out there weelling with you guys some day soon.!!

Welcome. What kind of Jeep do you drive? Where do you live?

Don’t forget to e-mail an application. Once we get the app you will be able to see the events forum.


Hope to see you on the trail soon.

Thanks. I already email the ap. looking forward to meeting you guys. I got a 2003 grand cherokee ,30" tires ,I have a 2" lift here for it I hope to have time this week to put it on. Jerry.

ya for some reason of application and forum sign up is a little funky. i received your application and activated your account yesterday or earlier today i think.

welcome and keep an eye out on the events section for what we have going on next

welcome to the forum

Welcome to the club hope to see you out and about!!

Sorry about that. My e-mail redirected the app to the spam folder. Nice to have another Grand. Let us know if you need a hand with the install.

welcome to the forum, Jerry!

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum :smiling_imp: