Hey Jk guys

Rock Hard 4x4 Parts Fuel Tank Breather Skid Plate
Rock Hard 4x4 Parts JK fuel tank EVAP canister shield is easy to install, uses factory holes and bolts and protects the canister from damage on the trail.

Perfect for CJ after he replaces his Evap canister.

He might consider relocating it.

I have that same skid. It is a must for any JK on the trail. Relocating it should not be done. First it is illegal in most states including MA and RI. Second, everyone I know that has relocated spent 2-3 times as much for the kit than the skid and every single one has had leaks which trips the check engine light. Leave it alone and put a skid plate under it.

my 2 cents

That skid takes longer to get the tools out to do the job than it takes to do it.

Got one… and glad we have it… it has a few extra dents and scrapes after the Jeep Jamboree! :laughing: