Hey guys

I just signed up for the holiday toy run and figured I would come and register.
Im in central Ct so sort of local. Although I do spend a lot of time in RI.
Here are a few pics of my rig.

OK, so more than a few, but who doesnt like pictures.
I also hear there are some “optional ledges”. I hope there is something stupid to do!

welcome Dan, i’m sure we can find something for you. where about in CT are you from? i grew up in Wallingford

I currently live in Meriden. I work in Wallingford and my own shop is in Durham.

nice, nice. welcome

Welcome and nice looking rig you have there.

Thanks guys. I guess I should add a little info on the jeep too.
2000xj. 4.0. AW4, Klune 4:1 V-drive, twin sticked D20.
D60 front. Welded. 3 link. PSC double ended ram. Eaton orbital. Artec truss.
D70 rear. 5.13’s. Detroit lockers. Discs.
107" Wheel base
about 6" of lift.
Trail ready bead locks. 39.5" iroks
Frame plated. Bumpers etc.
I think thats the important stuff.

Welcome nice rig

Welcome, sweet photos

Welcome. Those pictures look like they were taken at Rausch Creek.


Welcome to the forum.

Some from Rausch, some from Mabell. It gets around. Im really looking forward to getting to a new spot.
I would really like to get to field and forest next year too, I havent been there yet.

Big group was there yesterday. Should have been there . . .

Welcome and nice looking XJ! We have another one ton guy :wink:

I should have gone for NACfest but had stuff going on.
I saw some pics from runs there. Do you guys have regular runs there?

We have two scheduled runs per year at F&F. Camp-n-wheel the first weekend of August and then the third weekend of November. Bob and Liza (the owners) will almost certainly have another July 4th open weekend next year and there is usually never a problem jumping in with another club when they are there.

welcome, nice rig

welcome :smiling_imp:

BTW post a picture of how you mounted your ram, I’m going full hydro this winter since i just blew up my astro van box /w assist :unamused:

Here is the best pic I have of it. I used an Artec ram mount as Im a dealer for them. For the price I honestly wouldnt do it any other way. It makes it so easy, and its really nice.