hey guys

many of you already know me.
my name is Kelsey im from warwick.
Ive got a 2000 xj. look forward to being around.


Welcome back Kelsey! The Jeep looks good.

thanks buddy, been awhile. Been working on this little treasure for some time now. hopefully within the month ill be able to throw it under the jeep

nice! welcome back

Welcome!!! What gearing are you currently running? May be interested in the LP30 with the right gears…(to broke to regear right now…ha)

im just running stock gears right now…they dont really bother me to much i have plenty of power. what gear ratio are you looking for?

I would be looking for a 3:73 or 4:10. I think your 2000 has a LP30 with 3:55’s anyway…

yep. your best bet besides finding a 4cyl xj with the high pinion and 4.11s would be to find a v8 zj and grab the front axle that would have 3.73s

THE Kelsey?

Wcome back !!!

Welcome. Your Jeep needs some dents and scratches! :mrgreen:

What’s up Kelsy! Don’t forget to fill out the application so you can hit some events. Turkey run and Toy run coming up.

Kelsey glad your back bro…

lol, everytime i smash something i just replace the whole panel with something from work. i have about 3 extra fenders and 2 doors the same color sitting in my basement.

good to hear from your guys

Looks like you have the transfer case running again