Hey Guys!

Hey everyone!
I’m not new to the club just to the forum. Thought I would create an account to see what OSJ has going on. It’s Krysta…just thought I would send some love from the west coast <3 Nick and I tell everyone out here about how great the club and everyone (we may have stretched the truth on this one) in it is…joking of course. Glad to see such a big turnout for the toy drive and to see the club is still doing well (even though we aren’t there :wink: )
Much love,

Welcome Krysta! We miss you two.

Welcome to the gossip pages! I mean the forum :wink:

good to have you as a lurker Krysta

Welcome to the forum

Yay! I missed you! :wink:

YAY!!! Krysta’s here