Hey All

Hi, everybody. My name’s Matt, and I’m 26 years old from Brighton, MA. I just emailed in my membership application today. I drive a 2007 Grand Cherokee Laredo–all stock, except for a tire upgrade to 30.5" BFG All-Terrains. I do plan on adding a 2" lift and front and rear tow hooks before hitting the trails (probably in May). I’m excited to have finally found a club that doesn’t require 4low for membership! A few pictures of my Jeep from when I was messing around at Freetown-Fall River State Forest are below.

Matt Welcome, lots of events coming up. We have a Quarterly Meeting coming up on the 16th of Feb. Nice Jeep, almost to nice to take out on the trail, but I am sure the heated seats will help you over the rocks :laughing: :laughing:

Welcome to the forum.

I actually don’t have heated seats! It really only has the standard options that were available. I’ve done sand dunes, mud, snow and smaller rocks with it, and it hasn’t had any trouble at all…looking forward to the potential of some new challenges, though.


Welcome we have plenty of trail rides that you can handle.

Welcome to the club Matt

Welcome aboard. Whats nice about OSJ is we have all levels of off roaders, stock to full on buggy. I’m sure we have some trail rides coming up that your grand can handle or just come hang out and ride along. :mrgreen:

Welcome Matt!

Turns out I’m in Brighton tonight at Smoken Joes. Come on down. I’m at the table with 9 girls and 1 guy.

Welcome how did your find us at o s j

Ah, I saw this too late! I like that ratio, though!

Welcome!! :mrgreen: