Need some help repairing large hole in chassis where upper and lower control arms mount on passenger side rear. Would do it myself but do not own a welder.

Anyone know where I can buy the steel cheap. Probably need at least 4" x 3/16
Your place or mine whatever is easier.

i think you can get weld it frame sections from crown automotive

I can help you weld it :sunglasses:

that or others have gone to a place in Prov. that makes preformed pieces ready to weld on

Auto Rust Tech here in RI has the pieces you need already made … ab8ebuki17

I used these to replace large sections of my frame that had rotted away. Easy to install and looks great when finished.

I’d be interested in checking out the install, damn salt on the roads

jeff has a write-up on it somewhere on here

Cody, its actually not that tough. Cut out the bottom rotted section, grind the side metal clean for a good weld, place the “cap” over it and weld…