I actually have a couple question reguarding my jeep. I’m not too familiar with some of these aspects yet. Still learning.

  1. my jeep sometimes shakes violently when I go fast or hit a bump. ? What could that be? Anyone experience the same thing ? I do have a lift. no lights are on. No other problems besides this. Could it be I need an allignment?

  2. I want new tires, bigger :slight_smile: ! I have a 2.5 suspension lift. What’s the biggest size tire I could get. I have hopes to also do a body lift. So I want to get tires now that would look good now and in the future with a body lift.

  3. rims… What size rim do I need? And what’s the difference between some of the bolt options? Is there a standard style ?

  4. I’ve seen some jeeps with the back cover that was angled how do I do that

#1 - Could be many different things. Mine does it because of shitty tires.

#2 - What kind of Jeep do you have with a 2.5" lift?

#3 - The bolt options correspond to the axle that you have under there.

#4 - It’s an aftermarket top.

I have a jeep unlimited. 06.

Thank you for your help! & suggestions.

Thank you for your help! & suggestions.