Help with regearing

So I’ve got the complete axle now minus the gears and install kit “there on their way” but I need help with the (or need to find someone to) regear to 4.56. If anyone has any experience with gears or knows a shop that has decent prices I would appreciate the help. Thanks as always, Rich

i believe derick knows someone who does gearing near his work

yea the place that is hosting GTD does regearing.

he told me he would do it for 300 plus the parts. talk to him on Sat. Mitchell driveline might be able to help you out as well. they will have a booth at GTD as well

Sweet, maybe the parts will be here and I can bring it with me. :smiley:

I did mine last weekend with a buddy…NEVER AGAIN!!!
Took almost 24 Hours…But their done and in spec. Now just need a speedo gear…