Help swaping over jeeps

So as most of you know I have a second yj its body and frame. Well in two weeks im gonna need some help pulling all my stuff from my red jeep and put it in the new one. Ill need five people will be a weekend fri sat and sunday as this is my dd. I will feed you buy drinks beer w.e . Should go smooth. Please let me know inbox me if you dont have my number. It will taking place in johnston plenty of parking.

what weekend you thinking/ i’ll help but most of my weekends this month are spoken for already

Not this weekend but next weekend

I’ll help out. you looking at 15th-17th?

I should be able to help out the weekend of 15-16.

Yes that weekend ill let you guys know next week for sure

have a wedding saturday 15th, i can try for sunday depending on the severity of my hangover

@ Jay there is no way you will make it Sunday.

I might be able to come by and help one of the days.

I should be around Sat morn and Sunday afternoon. Maybe Friday night

I can help out on the Sunday morning/afternoon, the 16th. Let me know what you need.

Ok ill keep you updated. As of right now im doing thid at my uncles house theres more tools air compresser welder etc… But its outside so it weather permting. But if it rains ill do it at my house in a garage its small but it fits both jeeps. My number is 4016885865. Thanks

Ok well the time is omost here for the swap. Im starting friday around 6 ish. If anyone plans on help text or call me ill give you an address. Thanks

And I need a metal hole saw one for 4.5 inchs and 1.5 I think.

I can stop over for a bit Friday night and then lend a hand throughout the weekend.

I’ll check my hole saws. They are supposed to work with metal but I’ve never had much luck.

Ok cool ill buy beer lol not sure how money ill have but i will . The hole saw sizes are 4.5 & 1.25.

i’ll swing by but not sure for how long or when, but i will be by.

I live in Johnston do I can swing by for awhile on Sat and Sun.

Send address by PM or to

i can prob stop by sat. text me your addr. and any other tools you might need. 401-263-7540

Due to old age I guess, I didn’t remember this until about 1 pm yesterday as I headed out on my errands.

Will you still be working on it today after lunch?

Yes ill be there all day. I bought a cam ans valve springs and my stock retainers are too small so thats what ill be doing to replacing my stock springs back In. still have a little more such as the dash wiring brake and fuel lines. Does anyone have an 1.25inch hole saw for metal?