help me spend money!!!

ok i got a couple qtec gift certs i need to use. not sure what i want to get, what u think is more important.

engine/tranny skid

gas tank skid

synthetic winch rope

roll cage add-on … dware_.htm

Synthetic winch rope. I just picked up some myself except its the 3/8". Don’t forget that you also need an aluminum hawse fairlead to go with it.

my engine skid was a great investment if you dont already have one i recommend it. no one can help you if you puncture your oil pan

yeah i agree, i would definately get skid plates if you dont already have them

Ahh… that’s nothing Duct tape can’t fix. I still haven’t put one of those on. The front axle does a good job protecting the oil pan.

Seriously though… those are all good thoughts

I’m thinking the fuel tank skid is the most important one on that list. After that I would go for the cage, then the engine skid. You don’t get stuck, so the sythetic winch line is just a nice thing to have not a neccessity.