Help doin transmission

I need some help putting a transmission in the yj. I have all the tools beside a floor jack. I will be doing it at my shop its heated. I wanna do it tuesday night since I lost first gear. I will buy beer and food.

I can stop by for a while. Just let me know where.

You have a floor jack

Yes. I forgot to mention that. Now if I can remember to bring it . . .

i’d help out but i’m getting teeth pulled. if i’m feeling alright i’ll swing by.

Address is 1417 atwood ave johnston rigjt off rt6 … Prob gonna start around 5

I’m free if you need a helping hand. I have absolutely no knowledge of installing a transmission, but I can take direction and learn a bit if it will be helpful to you.

I also have a floor jack if Eric forgets his or you need an extra. I live in Cranston, so I could grab it on my way home from work. Don’t get out until 6 tho.

I’ve got the jack with me. Should get there at 5 or shortly thereafter.

Anyones welcome just shoot me a text 4016885865

Thanks for the help lastnight… Sucks the trans is bad guess an aw4 is coming real soon.

Found some really good info, ill keep looking for ya … ans01.html