Help a kid out?

I don’t know how many of you saw my introducing post but, like most jeeps mines a little rough… a lotta rough.

I have a 1990 Wrangler, I’ve had it since about last July i believe. I’ve done what feels like a ton. But i am still not done, i have two body mounts on the drivers side that have rotted out. I’m only 16, i can’t say i have too much welding experience, i have NO idea how i could fab these mounts up I thought about it all summer and even now i just don’t think I am skilled enough to do it, so i am asking for help. I’m just wondering if anyone is willing to come by and help a kid out, I was thinking the last weekend of the month so the 29th/30th.

My jeeps been in my parents garage since the start of the winter, my dad told my mother it would be back out fast… obviously that didn’t happen and she isn’t very happy, i doubt it will be in the garage for much longer and i really want it at least sitting on the body correctly before it goes back into the driveway.

I’ve met Gene, Ricky and Mike once already, and as well as needing the help i’d love to meet more guys from the club.

I’m sure i can supply Pizza and Beer as an incentive!

Thank you, i really hope i can get a few guys to give me a hand because i am really itching to drive this jeep.

I could probably help. Shoot me a text 401996669one

don’t fab them, buy them, check these guys out

just ordered the same as well for my rig as to upgrade in durability from stock mounts, I believe they are in cranston

Jay I could of went done there for you and they give a milatery discount 10% let me know

Let me know when you need help, I’ll do what I can
Txt me 508-962-2021

Dam, just ordered twice from them last week, wish I would have known. Thanks for the offer though

Will autorust have that crossmember you think? I will be around pretty much any weekend if the guys that offered to help want to swing by!

check ou their web site, they have a lot of replacement steel parts for jeeps…all of which are better made than what was OEM

Alrighty I’ll have to look on the site thanks guys.

Wow, i’d imagine they have it then, i’m looking on the site right now, and hopefully it’s not ridiculously expensive.

All they have is frame stuff :cry: I realize i wasn’t really clear, i’m talking about the mounts on the tub not the frame.

These pictures are kinda crappy, but this is what i am talking about.

if the rest of the tub looks that bad, you may want to search for a new one. You can hide rot, but its never really gone.

Try these guys for body panels and supports, I’ve used their stuff when I repaired my tub:

The rest of the tub isn’t that bad, and I already spend a ton of money on floors so I can’t get a new tub now, but I wish I did that in the beginning.

They have the piece i am looking for on this site! Next pay check i receive i should be able to order it!

I also picked up a second job so this jeep should be getting a lift in its near future. :smiling_imp:

Talk to manco work out a deal for his lift

Hey has anyone ordered from the site that i found the part on? I ordered on Friday, they said there would be a conformation email, i never got one… and they already charged me… :imp:

Best bet call them with the invoice number and see what is going on. The email could have went to a junk / spam folder or they have a mistake in the contact info.

Yes. Same thing happened to me, but I got the part with no issues

Yeah i ended up getting the parts i ordered this week and Mancos 4 inch lift! :smiley: