My name is Chris and live in Warwick. I picked up an equipped '01 Wrangler that now needs some work. I would like to get it fixed up so that I could attend an event and meet some others Jeepers. I’m sure someone in this group knows a place that I can take my truck for off-road repairs without getting ripped off.

Thanks for any help, hope to make a meeting or ride soon.


welcome Chris

what are you looking to have done? most things are pretty easily done with some basic knowledge or a large pizza and a case of beer.

Tell us what you need. We can find a way to get it done.

OSJ Tech days where you can learn to do just about anything while Eric watches

I think you meant to say where I can share my infinite wisdom. :mrgreen:

Welcome Chris

welcome to the forum

Thanks for the replies all.

Anyone have a few minutes on a weekend so I can get an idea of what the issues are? Please reply with availability, my truck is still drivable so I can make it around short distances. Of course, any named beverage of appreciation will be in tow.

I can tell that there are problems with the front axle. Specifically, a cracked / rusted driver side steering knuckle and a damaged passenger side shock assembly. While new at this, I am not equipped to do much work on my own, so perhaps the best advice may be on what tools / equipment I need to deal with these repairs in the future…

Thanks for any help.


I will be at my place Friday/Sunday/Monday working on my rig. Feel free to call me and stop by any of those days. I’m in Exeter not far from the Home Depot in North Kingstown. I will PM my # separately.

i should be able to swing by for a bit on sunday. i have a little work i’d like to do as well… :sunglasses: kind of want to go fishing sunday night

Welcome to the forum Chris…

Welcome to the forum

welcome chris