Hi, my name is Joe. I am from North Providence, RI. Thank you for letting me join the forum

Welcome Joe. what do you drive?

Welcome Joe!

Looking forward to seeing you at some upcoming events.

[EDIT]: FYI, we are participating in trail clean-up at Big River in West Greenwich on April 16th, there is a trail ride the following day April 17th, and another trail ride in early May.

Welcome :sunglasses:

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome Joe!

Welcome to the forum Joe. Nice to meet you… now, lets see that Jeep!


I live in Johnston right off 44 near the Little Inn

Do you guys get together other than these events ??

barefootbob you must live right down the street from me.

ya we usually have some sort of get together every month. this weekend a bunch of us are meeting at beerfest. next week is the Big River clean up for Earth Day and maybe a quick trail ride after. we were going to go to the drive in sometime this month but i don’t think they are open yet. We had a couple PBruins outings over the winter and we also have a Pawsox outing at some point this spring/ summer. depending on how it goes we might have more. We always find a way to meet up at some point each month

so what goes on at this big river clean up ??

ahhh we walk/ drive around the gated section of Big River and pick up trash till noon then i think they feed us and we’re done by afternoonish. Our friends South Shore Wheelers are going out on a quick trail ride after. not sure if anyone from OSJ are going yet though.

where is the big river



facebook.com/photo_search.ph … 1&view=all

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Its actually West Greenwich. Coventry is on the other side of the highway. :smiley:

I stopped into Action Auto Parts during lunch to say hello. This guy is good . . . working two phones and uploading pictures to the forum all at the same time. :sunglasses:

lol yea thanks it’s like that all day every day…

is this still there?

not sure, haven’t been hiking down there in a while. i’m guessing it still is because it was a decent ways in.