Hello from Westford and Crawling For A Cure!

Hi All
My family and I had a blast with you all at FC this past weekend. Althogh I wasnt as much of an achor as I would have liked to be as tail gunner on Saturday I did manage to take out a control arm and my rear DS straps on Sunday and mess up the good folks at FTR. :laughing: So i call that a win… :wink:

I’m from Westford the former DOT for BSJ and an avid wheeler, my rig is a 97 TJ lock/lock with D44 Front and rear, rubi locker in the front and an ARB in the rear, caged with AtoZ, 4.88 gears and 35" Allied beadlocks on LTBs, soon breaking those down and potentially putting my MTRs back on…

My family and I had a blast with you at FC as well as the GTD ( I was off playing at Rausch that weekend with BSJ). I need to jump off and head to work but I look forward to seeing you at our event and I promise to pop on the forum again soon to check the place out!

If you haven’t already done so please like CFAC on FB and stay tuned for some big announcements about our October event and other exciting developments! facebook.com/crawlingforacure

Welcome. See you at Backwoods Farm in October!

Welcome to the forum.

welcome and nice looking jeep!


Welcome, if FC didn’t scare you away we’ll all get along just fine :smiley:


welcome, It was nice meeting you & your family & thanks for the air. AJ

wait a minute you are the loud kids in the corner! :astonished: :confused: How does one close out their account here? :laughing:

HA! I was walking back from the bathroom one of the FC nights and someone said to me “just be glad you aren’t with them”. My response was… “I am them”! LOL Left him speechless… It was kinda awesome. :smiling_imp:

:laughing: :smiling_imp:

:laughing: :sunglasses:

Hello guys, I foolishly let my membership lapse. What does one need to do to reapply at this point and is there a wait list for next year and whatnot? Kinda miss wheeling with the lot of ya… :smootch: . :laughing:

In a nutshell, need to start the membership procedure from the beginning, i.e. submit application, 1 year probationary period with minimum participation requirement, vote in at conclusion of probationary period. There used to be a provision for former members to bypass the process but that seems to have been stripped from the bylaws.

There are openings now but I recommend waiting until after Dec 1st because dues will then apply to the following year!

How and why did that happen?

I would kindly suggest that a member maybe make a motion to restore the provision to former members in good standing. :sunglasses:

It happened during the last bylaws committee. I’m sure JJ can elaborate more eloquently but my recollection is that the philosophy was to encourage participation and commitment to the club. There was also discussion about creating “exclusivity” via membership cap such that if somebody let their membership lapse they would have wait in line to start over.

As a side note, club policy has always been that members of other NEA-affiliated clubs are welcome at OSJ events.

The bylaws committee removed the provision, in part, due to the fact any past member that decides to re-enroll now has the ability to gain probationary status right away. The provisional membership was limited in power and was eliminated. This means past members in good standing could come back right away (cap withstanding).

Second, we introduced a dynamic membership cap. This allows us to set the membership limit based on all continuous members, but allow to adjust that based on active members versus legacy or inactive members. To encourage and allow inactive members to keep up with dues for an eventual return or simply because they want to support the club, we did not want them to “take up a spot” and therefore restructured the policy.

Last, the committee believes that OSJ membership is as much about how members fit us as it is how OSJ fits the members. We believe that continuous membership, access to activities and the desire to support our mission is best tested through the probation process to ensure new members really do care about the community and the mission to promote our sport as much as having access to Jeep/wheeling. A member who has not been enrolled for several years should take the new membership process as it was intended and get re-acquainted.

Jeff, I know you and I know the connections you have with the community. I can understand that going through the process does put some obligations for service and meetings in the way of “restoration of membership” and I can assure you, there is no perfect policy for all situations. The committee wanted to be sure membership was fairly applied and promoted inclusion and incentive to promote uninterrupted membership.

I am glad to see you are back. I am sorry the change will create some work, but I also know the power you have to be a strong “step up” guy and we always need more people like you!