Hello from NK

Had a great time at Jeep fest. Jeep is mid upgrade after a few bumps during the festival.

Red CJ5 , Fan thermostat, Valve Stem, drive shaft ejection, 4 low issue, tie rod wishbone… Still drove it home!

Welcome to the forum.

Pat Welcome, fill out an app and you will get to see up and coming events. Pig Roast is on the 21 of next month. Always a good time

Hi Pat… Not sure if it was you or not that I spoke to at the festival but welcome to the forum. By the way…you will ALWAYS be mid upgrading…ha

welcome, btw thanks for dinner. :sunglasses: you really didn’t have to do that



I was talking with Mike’s brother today trying to figure out how to reach out to you!

welcome Pat

Welcome to the forum, PaT!



Welcome to the forum!!


Howdy! (Someone needed to break up Welcome)

Welcome Pat glad you to here from you