Hello! From Newport RI!

Hello everyone!

Im Keri, Im currently living Newport RI, originally from Warwick… But you will also catch me riding around Jamestown ; Warwick ; and Foster!

Met a few of you guys last year at the Oakland beach Car show! Would love to join the Ocean State Jeepsters Club.

I currently own a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Fully stock right now, but Ill be turning it into the
Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle.

welcome Keri

hopefully we’ll see you again at the Jeep Fest in a couple weeks

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome could always use another zombie jeep

About time you got on the fourm goof! Lol


Don’t forget to e-mail in an application:


Once received you will have access to the Events forum.

Welcome come see us at a car show every tuesday

Welcome…I remember back when my XJ was stock…now its a beast

Welcome to the forum. Nice to “meetcha”!



I’m new but welcome from me

Mine’s a zombie vehicle in progress as well

my jeep won the war on zombies already.

I’m glad you all are on it. I’m scared of zombies…I don’t want to chase them. :wink:

Won the war with a Mall Crawler? :laughing:

Where do you think i found them. zombies love the mall
How’s that death wobble

Its good. Thats what happens when you actually wheel your rig :mrgreen:

You mean that’s what happens when you put 35’s and a lift on a jk?

Oh by the way welcome Keri I’m josh the jerk with the cow colored zj :smiley:

any questions?