Hello from MA

Hello, so i’m a JF guy who decided to wander on over to a close group. I live in Southern Central MA (by foxboro, seriously i’m like 1 1/2 miles from Gillette stadium). Saw several of your jeeps at Go topless day last month. Glad to be here, if anyone is near me or ever wants to grab a beer or hit the trails let me know.

Jeep: 1995 Grand Cherokee (ZJ) 5.2L V8.
Currently at about 3.2" of lift, 31" treadwright with some other fun stuff. Waiting on my front bumper and eventually will being throwing a ford 8.8 axle under her.


Stacey & Mike live very close to the stadium.

Welcome! What’s the story on “Desert?” Where ya from?

Welcome to the forum.

His username on JF is tusconzj. Does that help?

Here we go…btw welcome nice rig


i dive by there twice a day for work

welcome. we are having the first Ocean State Jeep Festival in a month, hopefully we’ll see you out there. if you havent yet, put in an application we have a trail ride and camp out in a couple weeks

Oh man. I’m not sure we have space for a Wildcat in these parts.

Go Sundevils! :mrgreen:

welcome the more grands the better :smiley:


thanks for the warm welcome.

Haha oh boy, I dont know how I feel about towing out a sundevil, might just have to leave ya there :laughing:

As for the desert part, well I lived in Tucson and went to the UA, also have lived in Southern Utah and Las Vegas and California before now. Jeep has been in the family since 97 and has almost no rust lol. Which is nice now that I see all of you out here with your rusty bolts lol.

For those who live near me, i’m about a mile behind mick morgans on the 1 and 95 cross.

Hadn’t put in an application yet, was planning on it. Only thing I still need to put in my rig is a fire extinguisher to meet the requirements, figuring out how to mount it haha.

As of a month or so ago the requirements are now recommendations. Don’t wait.

emailed it in a couple hours ago.

Oh, it’s on. :mrgreen:

Where in Cali did you live?

Northside of LA and by Berkeley. I was pretty young, don’t remember much other then the campus, and the Angles stadium in Anaheim



Welcome to the forum. We are in N. Attleboro, but I think I’ve seen you on route 1 a few times. I too drive by the stadium daily on my way into work in Needham.

Hope to see you at some events. We have a great summer of events scheduled - and then some!

Welcome, I believe we met at greentj’s.