Hello from Lincoln, RI

Hello Everyone,

My wife Cheryl and I just want to say thank you to both JJ and Jamie ( the mayor ). We had a great time at the Jeep Festival on Saturday. Thanks for telling us all about the club and getting us excited to join. We’ve been wheeling for a number of years now and have never been able to find a local club to join. So we’ve joined the forum and submitted our application. Hope to see you all on the next trail ride and at the next meeting.


Michael & Cheryl Provost

Welcome to the forum!

welcome to the crew, we have a great group here

Hey welcome I enjoyed chat with the both of you I know you will fit in great here just from chat with the both of you. We have alot going on so please feel free to check in often don’t miss the pig roast always a great time ps this is the mayor

Welcome. I’m from Lincoln as well.

Hey Lincoln! Whereabouts?

Welcome to the forum.


Welcome. We have a club meeting coming up you should check out

HELLO from Cumberland, Welcome.

Welcome from Manville


Welcome to the forum! I grew up in Limerock. Hope to see you at our next event.

Hello from Johnston.
I grew up on Vista Dr in Lonsdale many years ago.

Thanks to the locals. Spent 17 years in Cumberland and moved to Lincoln a year ago. Cheryl and i both graduated from LHS quite some time ago. Nice to be back in town. Hope to see you around.


I’m from the saylesville area you’ll see my beat up red Cherokee with a different color hatch around feel free to flag me down and we can talk jeeps

Your name is very familiar, I graduated from LHS in 1989 - back then I was Danielle Lawless.

Grew up in Fairlawn and my wife grew up in Manville. We both graduated way back in 1975.
We live off River Road near Kirkbrea. Hickory Lane.

Happy Birthday Michael