Hello from Blackstone, MA

So… most of you know me as the girl with the pink hair - but now (after a long LONG time), I am BLONDE. I am Matt Schram’s girl (he drives the lifted gray ‘90 XJ), Brenda. I kind of hesitated on joining because I don’t have a Jeep of my own (it’s all about fitting in, right?), but I DO know you guys and DO go wheeling with you. I was also with Matt at 'Go Topless Day’ this past weekend (what a BEAUTIFUL day for it, huh?)… so HI everyone waving at the computer screen like a crazy person! :smiley:

Hey Brenda, welcome to the forum!

Crazy people are definitely welcomed!! :smiley:

Welcome to the forum.

Yeah we let him in! Welcome to the forum!!




Hello (waving back) and welcome!



Hi Brenda, Dawn and I (Paul) want to say hi to you and Matt…we had fun at the OSJ booth with you guys!

I had pink hair before too!

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for all the help on Saturday!

welcome Brenda

yay you turnd green today :laughing:



Are we gonna have a pink Jeep in the woods?