Hankook Dynopro MT's...

Please discuss…

I will tell you why later. :confused:

they looked to get good reviews… aggressive yet quiet

trxus mt’s

end of discussion


LBT’s if you’re not driving it daily

Hankook is a decent tire brand but I have never used them personally.

I’m partial to BFG All-Terrains or Bridgeston Duelers if daily driving is in the cards.

nice tire… you will be happy. And amazed when you air them down compaired to your current tires.

Good point… it’s all perspective.

yeah… and the Truxes MT’s are great… but, they have issues with street driving. And they drive a lot on the road.

yeah and they wear fast…

you need to deice how long a set of tires should last, then shop from there

check out the cooper discoverer stt… they are super quiet

personally i love my bfg mudders. they perform well on the road and have lasted a long time. i think they have about 30,000 on them and still have around 50 percent tread left. and there gret offroad as well

well, we got a set of Hankooks coming in the next day or so. They have a 30-day money back guarantee… if for any reason we don’t like how they perform, we can return them. Mike went ahead and did it, even though I asked for the Pro Comps… Anyway, we will see how they work and if worse comes to worse, we can return then for what we want. Doesn’t hurt to try them. I have looked online quite a bit and everyone that uses them seems to like them. The price was right for sure. Hope to have them on and ready for the Fall Crawl.

i’m sure you guys wil be happy with them. plus the ProComps are pretty loud on the road

I bet they will be great. I know that I love my Dunlop Mud Rovers and they are certainly not a tire you hear anyone talking about. I figure I do about 95% on road so I wanted something that I could afford, would work OK off-road for my level, and would be quiet / comfortable enough for the majority of my driving which is on the road.

And for the money…the rovers do more than that. They are great off road, pretty quiet for an M/T and wear great.

I havent heard anything on the Dynapro M/T’s but the a/s and a/t werent very good tires at all…which is surprising for hankook.

Those tires are made by Perelli. I used to love my Scorpians.


Mike is down there now getting them put on the jeep… Wish I wasn’t working tonight so I could see it in the daylight… I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

NICE! congrats. just in time to huh. you’ll notice a big difference once air down

post some pics when ya get home, and congratz

talk about last min. :smiley:

just saw it on the drive by… looks real good!

So how are you liking the tires after a while? I’m thinking of picking a set up for mine.