Hand brake Adjusting

My hand brake on my 2013 JK is now nearly totally ineffective. Yesterday I pulled the tire off, the caliper off, and the rotor off. The shoes for the hand brake don’t look to bad. I could not find any adjustments within the drum housing.

Next, I tried to pull apart the center console. After about half an hour of this I was only able to get it lifted about a foot so that I could look under it. Again, I could not find any adjustments.

All in all, the day was a bit of a let down. I damaged the thread on one of my tire studs and had to tap/die it to repair the thread. This also caused me to ruin two lug nuts so a trip to autozone was necessary.

Any help is appreciated.


There is a good write-up on this somewhere. I can’t remember where. But there is a star wheel that you need to adjust. There is a rubber plug over the hole that you need to remove and then you can adjust the star wheel. It’s actually really easy to do, but even easier if you can find that write-up. I’ll look for it and post here.

project-jk.com/jeep-jk-write-ups … adjustment

Here it is! Found it faster than I thought. Just follow this.

Oh, I need this too. Thanks for sharing!

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