habitat for humanity

In order to volunteer as a group, the group leader/instigator will first need to complete the registration and orientation online. Once this is complete, the leader will be able to register a group of volunteers. We ask you to provide each group members name and email address, requested volunteer date (at least 2 weeks out), as well as some other general information about your group. Once you have entered this information, our website will automatically contact each group member via email, and invite them to participate in this group. The Volunteer Coordinator will confirm your volunteer date once a significant number of your group members have completed the online registration and orientation. Each group member will have access to the group page, where you can see all group members, and where they are in the registration & orientation process. The Volunteer Coordinator will notify all group members once the volunteer date(s) have been confirmed. Each group member will then be able to log back into your group page, and indicate if they are planning to participate on the confirmed date(s).

I am willing to take on the group leader/instigator spot for this if you are willing.
Before i go and register i would like a general head count of those interested.

They are currently building now through the end of January. I think we just did a door order for this at work so it might be all interior finish till the end. i definitely know framing and basic sheathing will be done if it is the same job.
if you are interested please post up & let me know. it doesn’t necessarily have to be for this build

where is it?

ya depending on date i can do whatever

we would love to be a part of it if we can make it… Sundays would work better for us, but whatever…
Thanks, Jeff. This is a great cause.

Possibly. Got a lot going on right now but would try to fit it in.

its in Cumberland, they build on Saturdays from 8 to 4