Had an awesome time in Foxboro today, great jeeps and better people looking roward to future events. My name is Todd and I’m a Jeep-o-holic

Welcome… Fill out an app now haha

Thanks for coming out!

welcome Todd. glad you had a good time yesterday

here is a link to the application page


welcome to the forum

Well application submitted, I should have read the application page better. I thought I had to pay the dues at the time of applying, had I payed more attention I would have applied a long time ago LOL. Money has been tight as of late and that’s the only thing that has held me back but I’m happy to be on board. Thank you

well your here now :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Todd. Did we meet at the event?

My grandson was the one picking all the raffle tickets, but we did not formally meet

You coming out on the trail ride next weekend? Check the Events forum for more details.

Would love to but sadly I have plans already for the weekend, got a cookout to go to sat. And Eve Of Destruction at Thompson Speedway on Sunday. Hopefully I will make the next one

Welcome to the Forum…