GTD 2017 Promotions and vendors CALL for Volunteers

In General, we don’t get into the details of GTD until February, but due to the time and cycle of vendor relations and promotions, I always start talking about the Vendors (including raffle donors) and the Promotions (flyers, letters and Facebook) as early as January.

This Call to Arms is a general announcement to make sure membership and Probationary membership start planning time to lend a hand to what is one of the greatest Jeep rallys in the WORLD, and the largest of it’s kind for GTD.

The date this year is May 20. volunteers should consider scheduling May 19-21 if possible. Although this particular post is to gauge interest for promotions, keep in mind that all types of volunteers are needed to run this event and it is typical to participate on this vendor team and then volunteer on trails or gate for “gameday”.

So, please consider saving this date and if you have interest to attend one (maybe two) meetings and help solicit partners and promotional raffle items on our vendor team, please post up here.

I will not maintain this post for operational things, as that will be done through a GTD section, but I would like to be sure all probationary and regular members who wish to lend a hand are aware so I can send e-mails out to you for our kickoff meeting sometime in January.

10th anniversary, we want to go big! Great chance to volunteer for a club task that is different than parking jeeps… Our raffle accounts for a significant portion of our profit (and we don’t split it with anyone…) plus, it provides a fantastic draw for the public to get out and attend. We have become known for a great raffle and with our 10th anniversary here in 2017, we do not want to disappoint!

Post up Here if you can devote about 1 hour per week on the vendor team.

Training is provided and I think we will need a few folks to take some special projects on (like securing a decent looking XJ to cut up!)

I’m in!

I’ll help in any way I can

I’ll help.

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I am planning to help.

Spotted black trail last year, but I am open to whatever is needed.

Greg, this thread is specifically for volunteers to help with Vendor and raffle prize “wrangling”. Volunteering here does not mean you are assigned to raffle or vendors on event day, but it does mean you wish to receive e-mails and attend a meeting regarding helping get new items and onsite vendors to sign up.

You can certainly help here and volunteer for trail work on the event day. You in?

Ummmm… Yup.

Good man!

I’ll be there like usual

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Feb 7th, 6:30 pm
749 Mitchells ln Middletown

This will serve as our big planning meeting for Vendors and promotions.

Topics for this meetings include:
Discussion on vendor fees for 2017
vendor list
Sponsor letter for vendor/donations
Special events (need a project leader (not me) to step up for these…
Brief training on “wrangling” sponsors
Likely a mass order from A1 pizza (details TBD, but bring cash… you know who you are)

No experience is needed outside of knowing a tiny bit of e-mail use, and attachments and knowing how to think outside the box on vendors we should be contacting both new and old.

If you are on this thread, please do not post here, post in the events section thread, link is below.


I can probably get Crawling For A Cure to commit to having a booth agian this year…

give me a second… .yup they are in… Most likely will want to park the Jeepster next to a 10x10 again this year please and thank you. :sunglasses: Also we will kick in for a raffle prize or two as usual. In additon to the usual t-shirt plus admission I’ve been acting like a 5 year old on a sugar high buying small Jeep toys at Wallmart so I can kick in a few toys like that for the kids. :sunglasses: :laughing:

Great!, I’ll note that when we get to the clubs section. It is unlikely will will charge for clubs, but we will ask for raffle donations and kids stuff is always in demand!

Ricky and I will probably be there. We’d like to be a vendor again this year as well :smiley:

not a member yet but willing to help anyway I can! Let me know what I have to do.

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I’m In

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I’ll be there

change of plans not going to make this event (sorry)

Chris and I plan to attend the 20th to help. Can we bring the kids to help too? (13 & 11)


Mark and vader… post general interest here:


This thread was for promotions team. Vader, I see you posted there too, but questions would go there too.