Grinding noise

I am getting a random grinding noise/ vibration when i turn right from my rear driveshaft/tc output. My pinion angles are good, however there seems to be excessive play with the output shaft. I wonder if something is wrong with the driveshaft itself or the TC. I currently have a slip yoke for the rear driveshaft. someday I will upgrade to the slip-yoke eliminator and tom-woods driveshaft.

the vib/grind also shows its ugly head periodically during straight-line acceleration (increase or decrease in speed).

I currently run a 249 i rebuilt. new guts installed about a year ago. Does anyone have a spare 249 lying around that i can through in and compare? maybe something is wrong with this output setup.

If someone has time to hear the issue in person, let me know. Thanks

Stop by tomorrow.

But my recommendation is to turn up the stereo and DRIVE IT!!!

Very true like Eric said the louder the stereo the less noises you will hear :laughing:

Well its a good thing i have fairly new speakers installed. Eric, I will stop by tuesday afternoon.

Edit: i would ignore this noise, however i am concerned i have some damage to my drive train. I do not want to be stranded somewhere because of it.

How much of a lift does your Jeep have? did you do a transfer case drop for the time being untill you can afford a SYE?

I’d start by checking the u-joints. Its not good enough to just shake them and look for play. Remove driveshafts and/or axles and check if they can be freely rotated by hand.

4.5" lift. I am not running the TC drop. My IRO longarm setup allows for drop if i want. I ran with drop at first but it caused linkage issues to the TC. Fixed those issues by running the TC at the correct height.

the angles on my front and rear shafts are good (not extreme). The front driveshaft was just rebuilt by RI driveshaft on Jefferson BLVD. The rear is still original to me and last check everything moved and rotated freely. I will check again tomorrow, since it will not be raining finally. I may drive my jeep a few miles without the rear shaft and play the elimination game. if the noise is gone, then it must be related to the rear shaft somehow or the TC rear output.

what do you guys think?

Eric, if you are home on friday i will stop by. I am available all day.

The club price for an sye @ crown is wicked inexpensive & if i remember correctly its made buy the same people who make for advanced adapters

Are you talking about an actual crown product SYE from Jeff at the canton store?

Yes but its just for the 231.

Btw, I will be at my place between 1-3 packing for trip to fall crawl.