grinding noise / flywheel,starter or transmission

just started yesterday. is it the flex plate / cracked, starter going or need shims, or something with the transmission ??? please dont mind the mess got carpet cleaner sprinkled all over the carpet.
and yes, i need a new sifter plate incert.
did not edit so its kinda sloppy
some times there is noise, some times there is no noise. when I shift from park to drive the noise goes away also noise goes away when driving over 50 and shifts into 4th / RE42
Note: I did over tighten one of the flex plate bolts. now it wont torque up. just gets kinda tight then it spins past being tight. how do I repair a stripped nut on torque converter or could be the bolt. going to remove bolt and check tomorrow

Thanks for your input on this

It kind of sounds like the fan hitting the shroud to me. Possibly bad motor mounts but it’s hard to tell from the video. Sometimes the inspection cover on the automatic transmission will hit the flex plate and make noise also. Something to check out.

The noise is coming from near the starter / flywheel area near the transmission

Did you get it figured out?