Grill mesh tech day? (JK) led lights and front bumper

So took off the grill to put in the “plug and play” lights and not so much then the instructions are basically nothing. It’s going to require drilling, cutting wires and what not. Help would be nice since reversing led lights will blow a fuse.

I can help…just not sure when

i’m bad news when i comes to electrical stuff but great at drinking beer and directing

Pending on what the doctor tells me today I can help out. And if you come to my house, I have extra wire; solder and heat shrink tubing and everything you will need to hook them up.

Oh cool! Yea it’s going to take cutting some wire, I’m not sure if there is a difference in the 07-09 Jk to the 09-12 Jk turn signals because the box says plug and play and that’s a negative hah. When can we set up a time?

I recommend doing some Google research before cutting wires. I’m rather surprised they would make such a kit that requires cutting wires.

I don’t know much about JK’s but my old school ZJ will trigger lamp failure warnings if you start cutting and splicing wires. This happens because the warnings are based on overall resistance of the system.

well the LED lights come with resistors to connect on them that should help avoid those from coming on. I assumed they were plug and play since they say plug and play… lies!!! haha… bumper is in and Im not sure if my vacuum pump is connected to my bumper now, the directions say 2012 up…

:astonished: front bumper…nice

Yea, the top cross part over the winch is dented from shipping not sure if I should make a fuss about it or just tap it out. It is not to bad and probably one good swing will make it straight again.

I’m available this Sunday. I will probably be working on my Jeep as well if you want to come up and work on yours.

Orrrrrrrr, you could just find someone with an 07 JK that would be willing to take it off your hands… just sayin’. :wink:

You know are the wiriing to your turn signals different than mine? The box says 07-09 JK so I am wondering if there is a difference in the harness for the connections. I feel there shouldn’t be but you never know.

Status update:::: Front bumper is on and set now to get a winch!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

one day!!! haha…