Green Light to Lift and get wheels and tires :)

Hi all…i have a 2012 JK with stock 17’ rims and tires. I finally got some cash together to get a lift and some better wheels and tires. I was looking for suggestions. I was thinking about a 2’ lift with springs maybe from the dealership. Also thinking about 33’s inch tires but don’t really know much. I truly am new to this and can use any help i could get. I also would want to sell my stock rims and tires when i get new ones. I just had to buy a new spare as someone stabbed the sidewall when i was at the mall. I would like to go on some trail rides nothing to crazy to start and its my daily driver so don’t want to kill my ride or gas mileage to bad. I want a wider tire and some black rims (black jeep) but don’t really know a good place for suggestions. I hear zeeks is ok. Anyway Thanks!

3 inch lift is great for the jk. I see people running 35s no problems. so a 33x12.5 will be great on your DD. I am not sure if 15 inch rim will fit on your jeep but a 16 will, if you go with 16 inch rim the tire you will be looking for is 285/75R16 witch is a 33 inch tire

Hi J, I’m new also and put a 2 in teraflex leveler lift but am now putting a 3 to 3.5 lift as I now switch my tires to 35 on trail rides. I changed to black rims with 33’s also and they are great on the road, a little more gas but not bad. I have a 11 jk 4 door and is my DD also. I’m in AZ now and drove it down and use it on the back roads and some trails with the 33’s, on the way down I had it up to 17 mpg average but now I’m back to 14 and 15. I put a CAI on it and that helped with the mileage and a little power.
see everyone when I get back, I may make the 11th but not sure I’m taking the longer southern route back and looking at a lift in Fla.

I hope its ok to post a link. Its the Rubicon express 2.5" Standard Coil Suspension System with Twin Tube Shocks. Would i need anything else like an exhaust extension or something?

U need to check with the jk owners but maybe extended brake lines. And no about exhaust that goes up no need to touch. I would look into quick disconnects for the front swaybar. Maybe they will let u upgrade.

that seems like all you will need. don’t worrrie about the exhaust

Thanks for the help everyone…the Kit comes with the two exhaust extensions so that would be all set…although the dealership wants $650 to install and that i don’t have if i am also getting tires…so i guess im back to square one :slight_smile:

do I hear a tech day??? (tech day is when you buy beer and food have a couple of us come over, and we help you install it!!!)

I love my 33" Duratracs on and off the road. They’re fantastic! I’m running a Rock Krawler 1.5" Expedition lift kit. Be warned that if you have a two-door JK (like I am) you’ll get 2.5" of lift from this kit and will want an adjustable front track bar. I have long-travel front brake lines and relocated the rear ones. I haven’t bothered with quick sway bar disconnects yet, but I’m interested in the JKS Quicker Disconnects and hear very good things.

For what it’s worth, I have a brand new, unopened, unused AEV JK 2.0" Spacer Suspension kit for sale if that’s something that interests you.

I have a JKU and have been very happy with the Duratracs as well. Did some very minor class VI with snow and ice the other day and they did very well. Lost about 1mpg as well which is negligible for a JK… no lift on my JK and it only rubs the front air dam a little bit.

Well after reading some of the posts i think i might just get the 33’ tires fist and then look at getting a lift at a later date. Thanks for all the replies its been very helpful. So now onto the tire questions: :slight_smile:

  1. I need rims and tires…i hear Zekes is good…any input?
  2. I am interested in getting a wider tire, just like the look…is the 33/12.5 is that 12.5 inches wide? anyone have any pics of what they look like on a rig?
  3. People talk about spacers and stuff would i need them and do they just make the tire stick out more?
  4. animal33zj mentioned that 15 inch rims might not fit my 2012 two door JK…so the 285/75R16 would be 12.5 inches wide?
  5. Does anyone know how much I could get or should ask for for the used stock 17’ JK tires/wheels? they have 12K miles on them…except the spare (never used)

Also the tech night sounds awesome and i would be down for buying all the beer/scotch/food but i dont have the tools needed for such a project or an indoor place to work. I truly appreciate the offer!
Thanks again everyone.

I put the 285/75R16 on my dodge ram 1500 looks great. the with will be about 11.5 to 12 inches. its plenty wide for a jeep. also the 15 inch rim is slowly going away, I am finding it harder to find them. if you go to they sell retread tires for cheap and I hear nothing but good from them. they have plenty of 16 and 17 inch tires check them out save a couple of bucks and get a great look

285/75/16 you will only get about a 9" tread width 10" max depending on the brand.

Here is an old picture of mine when I had 33’s on it to give you an idea of stance. It’s a 2.5" Spring/shock Rough Country lift. Wheels are 17x9 with 4.5" backspace. Depending on the wheel a 15" may or may not clear. Even if it does there is not going to be a lot of room between the inner wheel and brake caliper.