Good deal on the SYE

I was gonna get the advance adapter for $199 with free shipping. The Rugged Ridge comes to $165 including shipping. Aside from price, any difference between the two?

Its on sale right now for $139.

Jeff carries the Rugged Ridge up at Crown. Its the same one I am running. According to Jeff, the casting and shaft are the same as the AA kit.

I know its on sale for $139 that why I posted the link. Comes to $165 with shipping. If its the same as the AA kit, then it’s a no brainer as to which I’m going to buy. Just wanted to know if one is better than the other.

Anything is better than broken pieces. :mrgreen:

go for it :smiley:

go see jeff with the sale price and see what he can do, he can usually match things

I am running the rugged ridge one , no problems.