gears for 8.8

Looking for gears for the new rear axel I just pick up guy thought it had 373 which would have been great as my jeep does to but after pulling cover it has 355. So on hund for new gears 488. Would be nice but still for 100 bucks came of a ford with 58,tho on it could not go wrong

i have a ring and pinion in my shed. i’ll check the gearing when i get home tonight

Jamie the ring and pinion i have are 373’s. only down side is the pinion is still in the housing so i’ll have to pull it out. $30 sound fair?

Yes it dose wow no beer this time lol that will work this way I can run it till I get the new gears. It will cost just under 500 bucks to put brand new 488 and master over haul kits in the jeep. but I want the lockers to go in at same time and new alloy front shafts.

ya, that will cost you a bit. did you check with Mitchell Driveline. they were at Go Topless Day

No but I will before I order. The gears are not much. For the 88 its. 134 for the d30 200 its the master over haule kits that helps it. get close to 500. Bucks. But if I am going to put alloy shafts up front and locker fron and rear. I will get everything and do it all in one shot. And. Be done with that part for a while

Do not lose the crush sleeve out of it.