gear swap going rate per axle?

Looking to swap my 4.10’s to 4.56. I have all the parts and axles are out of the jeep. What should I expect to pay per axle, done correctly? I understand gears are never installed without a tear-down several times to find proper gear mesh.

Call Ricky at barrett fabrication in Warwick. Best price you’ll get for it done correctly.

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Also IMHO going from 4.10 to 4.56 isn’t worth the cost of regearing. 4.88 minimum or 5.13

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Realistically, you are looking at a bare bones minimum of $1,000/axle to regear; $250 or so for quality ring & pinion set, $250 for complete master rebuild kit, and $500 for labor. Depending on the specific axle’s carrier break you will also need a new open carrier. An open carrier is usually $200 including new spider gears (no sense reusing the old spider gears at this point). Since you are in this deep, it makes sense to do lockers so figure $650-$1000 depending the style (a locker will replace the open carrier so you wont need that anymore.)

In a nutshell, figure $1,750-$2,000 per axle.

Bought a gear set from Revolution. D44 TJ Rubicon.I thought about 4.88 but read comments on how 4.56 with 35’s is fine paired with a 6-speed and will be close to the factory ratio 4.10 & 31’s

Eric pretty much hit the nail on the head. I just regeared to 4.88. Put an ox locker in the rear with cromoly axle shafts. And an aussie locker in the front. Did a few more miscellaneous upgrades and it cost me just under 4k. The best upgrade i have done so far ! Should have done it years ago ! I too recommend Barrette fab.

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The real answer lies in “what do you want to do with it?”

General chatter says with 35’s on a d44, the tipping point to go 4.88 versus 4.56 is torque versus “cruisability”

The difference will not be huge, but the tipping point is often auto versus manual. Manual is said to be good at 4.88, auto is ok at 4.56.

I run 4.88 with 37’s and match the stock ratios (speedo is not required to be adjusted) pretty well. I have a 6 speed and I also have a 4:1 X-fer case that makes my low range very low.

I run 55-60 mph in 5th gear at about 2900 rpm. I imagine this will be similar to you at that speed with 4.56 and a 5 speed.

In short, if you are ok running 3000 to reach 65+ mph, go for the 4.88 and take advantage of the better crawl ratio. If not, 4.56 is closer to “by the book” in your setup.