Gear oil

Do I need to run a thicker oil with my lockers? The install write up I found for the aussies says to use 2qts of 85w-140 but everything for the stock dana 30 says 80w-90. I found both on the same site and am nervous about using the wrong stuff.

I’ve been running 80w/90 with my aussie, and havn’t had anything go wrong with it for the 1.5 years its been installed. I know of a few other poeple that have been running the same gear oil in thier 30’s as well.

Awesome thank you. I was kind of thrown off when I read the install thread that I found and it said 85 140. Im hoping the brown truck will be here soon so i can get this thing locked.

no worrie, let me know when you get it in and if you want some help installing it.

Awesome man thanks. I am hoping they get here soon and as soon as they do I plan on getting started. My only worry is I dont have a vice or impact gun for the ring gear bolts.

Ring gear bolts? :open_mouth:

Its not possible to install these things without removing the ring gear? Wow.

I personally don’t see why I would need to but I don’t have it apart yet so I don’t know. I was just going by the install sheet I found.

Yea I know that the vice did come in handy when I installed mine.

I think the reasion they have you remove it is just a safty factor so it doesn’t get banged up and to give you more room to install the locker.

I am having a hell of a time trying to get the carrier out.

Need to remove the ring gear to get the pinion shaft out apparently. :unamused:

You need to spend more time working on the install and less time posting to the Internet.

Lol I was at a stand still for a while with no vice or impact gun. I definitely did spend more time online than outside haha.

did u get it done?

Yea man as soon as Liz got home I went and got the impact gun and it was pretty easy from there.

Are you going on the ride tomorrow?

Yea I’ll be there :slight_smile: