Garage wiring for 220

Anybody comfortable enough with electrical to help me hang some wiring around in my garage to run a welder. I have plenty of power running to the garage and a breaker box with 4-5 open breakers.

Easy enough to do, wanna set something up after work some night?

When ever is good for you. Not sure what I need for wiring. I can pick it up before hand if you can give me an idea of type and size I need. I’ll need the breaker too.


I’ll give you a call and get the particulars. Just really need to know a few things; Amperage rating from the info tag on welder, what style outlet it uses, and brand/type of panel you have in the garage - SquareD, Siemens, GE, etc.

I think I have everything. I want to put up some extra outlets and a light switch. I’ll what I can

Left you a voicemail, give me a call when you get a chance.

Thanks to Brian for helping me out with garage wiring. I can’t wait to be able to melt metal. I just need to get some PPE. Any recommendations on a jacket and helmet

T-shirt, shorts, and sandals FTW!

I have a Radnor 40VI auto darkening helmet that has been sitting on the shelf for a few years. Its yours for a mixed six of local (New England) porters, oatmeal stouts, and other tasty dark brews if they aren’t super hoppy or bitter.


Sounds good. If I can get the Jeep back together on Saturday I’ll see you at the toy run. If not, I’ll catch up to you during the week.

Thanks to Brian and Eric, I was able to finally try out the new welder. Nothing special just a Harbor Freight Chicago Electrc 180 mig with fluxcore wire. I don’t really have any experience welding so this will be a learn as you go experience.





pick up a roll of flux core from somewhere else, the flux wire from harbour freight is dirty and doesn’t stick right. I just did a plow rebuild with a 90a flux core welder and lincoln wire

It is the wire that cam with it. I bought some Lincoln wire but I wanted to practice with the crappy wire first. I’ll swap it out tonight and see if there is any difference.

Can u run gas with that welder?

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Yes, it’s just extra money I definitely don’t have right now. I’ll set it up in the future.

Some more metal melting. I ended the spool of 0.030 that came with the welder. I switched to some Lincoln 0.035