Fundraiser to benefit 40 ford project

Help us raise some money to finish Joe’s 40 ford project. Oct. 24th, 2pm at Prata Bar in warwick. food and a 50/50 raffle, $15 a ticket. contact me or any of the guys for more info!
Thanks!!! … 7ba00.html

hope this is ok to post here. a few jeeps would be cool!

i know i’ll be there

very nice Derick!

you just reminded me that there’s an extra weekend in October :unamused:

I should be able to limp over there by then.

where have you been? lol

I might be there. Supposed to go hiking in NH next weekend but it will probably be Saturday so I should be good for the 24th.

My son’s band the emerald city, will be playing too! classic rock/originals

Turns out we cannot have the band. :frowning: no entertainment permit? fuckin’ warwick. :unamused: :laughing: still be fun anyhow. I think I will drive my cj there. :wink:

Maybe they can just “practice” and everybody happens to be standing around?

couple car pics;
one of the guys, Russ, lookin’ like Earl :laughing:

Heather and I are planning on it. I had to put my doors back “on” - the driver’s side doesn’t exactly keep the elements out anymore… weird how caving in the tub can affect door closure. :confused:

damn John, what the heck have you been doing to that poor thing

Bent in my 3/8" plate “rocker” about 4 inches last winter, then in August I hugged a tree that pushed the tub where the door pin is almost to the roll bar.

It’s wasn’t that noticeable until I tried to put the door on - had almost a 3" gap by the latch. Nothing a 6 foot section of square tubing couldn’t pry out (sort of). It’s a Jeep.

If you priortized wheeling over some silly concert then you would already know.

hey, that was one concert… and at least i made it up to hangout and camp for the night.

See you guys tomorrow! anyone else?

sorry we didn’t make it, Bob. Got wrapped up in a craft project for work that took longer than I thought. hope you made out well. Keep us updated on any future events too.

Thanks for coming out and supporting this! I owe you!

DANMIT!!! sorry i missed it Bob, i was down in CT for a wedding yesterday and didn’t get back in time. i’d still like to make a donation just let me know where to send a check

Eric Weybrant
666 Ten Rod Rd
Exeter, RI 02822