Fuel pressure guage

anybody have a FPG set that I could use tomorrow 1/11/14? XJ runs for no more than 5 minutes then stalls will not restart for atleast 1/2 hour. cranks fine just no start.

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Sounds like possible crank sensor.

You can sorta check the fuel pressure at the rail by pressing down on the shrader valve with the tip of a Phillips screwdriver if the fuel shoots up and not just trickle out the pressure should be good.

yeah gonna check crank sensor also. still dealing with overheat problems. radiator keeps getting gummed up with sealants and gunk that previous owner dumped into system. Was going to take it to local radiator shop, but now we have the stalling issue. So I am going to try to work on this tomorrow. hoping the rain is not too bad.

I have a fuel pressure gauge you can borrow.