FS: not mine. D44 axles setup for a YJ plus some other stuff

newenglandjeepz.org/forum/for-sa … d44-axles/

great deal! wish it was passenger side drop

i wish i had leafs

too bad hes not willing to part out, id jump on that front

why just the front?

I have a Detroit locked 8.8 already

sell it? you could have 4:88s! :smiley:

Haha, already have 488’s

:laughing: so sell the rear 44? these are 6 lug, by the way. and can be seen in this build thread.
newenglandjeepz.org/forum/builds … ct-thread/

You already have a high pinion D30. A low pinion D44 would be a step sideways. All you really need now is alloy shafts.