front driveshaft zj

so it has been a long time since i have been on here. after the beating my poor jeep took on the snow run this year i had to do some upgrades before i took her back out. so i got a spartan locker for the d44 rear 33" tires and a rough country 4" long arm kit. all still have to be installed but the lift kit says i will have to change the front driveshaft from the cv joint type to a u joint. does anyone know where i can get a drive shaft that fits with the yokes?

Sounds like you are moving in a good direction!

I would strongly recommend swapping in a NP231 t-case at the same time. They sit much higher than the NP249.

As for the driveshaft, you could have one built for about $300 at Cockcroft in East Providence or you could source a junkyard Cherokee front shaft and have it lengthened/shortened as necessary. Cockcroft normally can do this for under $100.

i was going to price a used NP231 when i found out what i needed to get the drive shaft off of. i don’t work far from jeeps unlimited in prov. they should have what i need

Any more than $150 for a NP231 is too much.

The ZJ I am building now is the first V8 ZJ I have ever seen that came with a u-joint front driveshaft. But that driveshaft is now Gene’s rear driveshaft.

only now its like 18" long

I would put the lift in and 231 then mesure out the drive shaft. I think u can get away with stealing one from a xj