I have between 2 and 3 gallons of somewhat used ATF4 for free if anyone wants it. I would hate to just toss (recycle) it since it cost me just about $7.00 a quart (4 qts in a gallon…you do the math)

Anyway, I put it into my AW4 to learn that Dextron III was the right stuff for that trans, so out it came. It has ZERO miles on it but is a little darker due to the oil stuff that was in the AW4. It is in a 5 gallon bucket now but have plenty of smaller containers to put it in.

It has many uses… replace the ATF in your T-case, use it to flush out your transmission, take a bath in it…(well some people are weird…ha)

Take it all or just a few quarts…

I would suggest to keep it on hand to aid the random blown lines on the trail. I was lucky to have been carrying some Mercon when a ford blow it’s line while wheeling.

he took it out because its the rong fluid…why would he want to do that it will hurt the tranny :question: :open_mouth:

its gone… a neighbor knows a guy who burns ATF and old oil…wooohooo now I don’t have to haul it to autozone anymore…

Because some fluid is better than no fluid. I used ATF one time to get me home when my steering box sprung a leak ( it was all I had to use) Another time I gave some to AJ when his transferase started leaking from a big hit.

well I carry ALL the fluids. and there the RIGHT ones not the rong one’s but that’s just me.

so we know who to turn to if we need fluids :wink:

come on I carry half of advance auto with me I have to come up with a sign out sheet lol

and here i thought i carried a lot of stuff wheeling. your rig must push 5000+ pounds

umm 5220

Soon he’s gonna have to unload it before winching! :sunglasses: Gotta say, It’s always good to have the tool truck with you on the trail!

Thank god for the tool (and spare part) truck. . .

i’ll 2nd that. i was gald it was there when i exploded my drive shaft.

I’m surprised he hasn’t figured out how to fit a folding side post lift back there…yet :wink:

Don’t need a lift Race ramps and a winch will handle more than a 3 ton portable lift

Wow just wow :open_mouth: :unamused: :exclamation: :question: :confused:

We changed 3 ton ENGINES in the field in the Marines…
200 lb road wheels, 60 ton tank…
No lift, no impacts…