I have a complete soft top and frame from a 2003 Rubicon. It’s all in pretty good condition. If you want to come and get it its yours for free. Please inquire only if you or someone you know is in need of a top. I’d hate to think you’d be reselling it. I also have some semi-beat up Buskwacker 4" fender flares. Again, free. You can call 401-334-3107. Ask for Mike.

I think Ricky is looking for a top for his jeep since he doesn’t have one

just talked to you on the phone, see you wednesday :sunglasses:

Thanks again :smiley:

Yup-Ricky is coming to pick it up Wednesday. Glad someone could use it. Still have the Bushwackers.

If they’re not called for, I’d be very interested in the bushwackers. I have a YJ but can put TJ flares on it. If I put them on and don’t like the look, I’ll pass them along to another member for the same price, free haha. Very interested please shoot me a text anytime 4012805638 thanks

Edit just noticed you put your number however it’s to late to call so if you see this before I call you tomorrow please save them as I’m very interested thanks

Nice meeting you tonight Mike and thanks for the flares. Hope to see you at some more events with that nice Rubicon.


Pleasure meeting you as well Mike. Glad the fenders could go to a deserving home. Good luck with the install. Hope to see you around.



PS-That’s it folks. The soft top and fenders are gone. Happy to have to extra room and happy they went to deserving homes.