FREE d35

as it says, free dana 35, 410s. otherwise it is going to scrap

will this fir my dodge 2500?

:laughing: , if you really want it to, i suppose anything is possible


throw it online for $50 people will buy it just because it has 4.10’s

Wear do u live ill take it to take the shafts 4 trail spares

i have a set of D35 axle shafts i’ll trade you for a 6 pack

did i miss this? i’d come pick it up tonite after i get outta work.

still got them, im in tiverton

i am working in warwick wednesday on west shore road. if you want them you could meet me at the job and grab them if thats closer for you. otherwise let me know so i can take it out of the back of my truck.

i plan on being there no later than 0730 and should only be there half day, you’d have to come early

i could come there around ten am if that works for ya

Call when ur on your way, I forget the house number

If you have a set of shafts i live off west shore rd ill take them off your hands and give u two six packs of your choice u tell me what kind and wear u want me to meet u

anytime. i live across the street from the Warwick Mall. Anchor Steam

Try the Old Foghorn barleywine ale! :mrgreen:

So just tell me when and wear to drop of your cold ones and ill be happy to trade with u

i’ll be home today after 5:30. you can swing by or i can meet you somewhere.

Hey, what about the free one I had, I was on west shore road all day today…thanks derick. You boned me :astonished:

Wait a minute I did not mean to bone anyone I thought you had sokme one for yours already

No no , just bustin dericks stones


sell yours. make $50 bucks.