Frank in Cowessett

Hi everyone, relatively new Jeepster… got my rig in 2011 but haven’t really modified it enough to do any serious off-roading yet (just level trails and mall parking lot curbs!). It’s a JKU but don’t hate all you CJ guys! looking forward to getting it in trail shape and meeting everyone… thanks to Mike (NelsonATC) for introducing me to the forum! My first question, what do I do first? Wheels, tires or lift… assume I can’t do them all at once for budgetary reasons! I have the factory 18" wheels with the 255X70X18 stock tires. Thanks!

Welcome Frank!


SKIDS! If you are going to take it off-road, you need the evap canister skid plate first. That is the most important thing, IMO. Next, rock rails and tires. You can do 33’s without much other work… if you go 35’s you will probably want to reinforce your axles.

Welcome to the Jeep world; Just Empty Every Pocket. (or do what we do… just take grab someone else’s empty seat! LOL)

Welcome to the forum, too. Nice to “meet” ya!

Welcome frank and good luck with your build

Hey Frank, long time!

Oh, and your first mod needs to be some trail pinstripes. That thing is too shiny!

Welcome Frank, like Stacey said. Tires and a lift will get you there but if you don’t protect the vitals it will make it tough getting home. JK are pretty well equipped right out of the box. Most guys here run 33’s or 35’s and we all do well on the trails. 33’s and a budget boost will get you far

Ha, thanks for the advice! I will take skid plates under advisement! Will 35" fit under the stock JKU wheel wells?

Thanks, Mike… going to have to get some body armor to go along with the Skid Plates so my Bronze Pearl stays shiny! See you at Mite hockey!

probably not, looking around. looks like you need about 2.5" of lift to fit 33’s


Glad to have another JKU in the group. As everyone else stated, evap skid is number 1. Everything else you can work on bit by bit. Hope to see you at an event.

Welcome aboard Frank, Go out get an evap skid and lets see what she can do in stock form.

Hey Frank, Welcome!

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to the forum.

welcome aboard! I believe you will need wheel spacers in order to run the 35s on stock JKU wheels. More backspacing is recommended to avoid rubbing 3.5-4.5’… you also likely need to address a pinch seam on the rear tire wheel by the back doors to run 35s and avoid rubbing…