Frame work

Hi guys does anyone know if they sell pc. For a rotted frame. I have a 91 tj the skid plate bolts rotted through and found frame rotted about 20in. Any help would be appreciated. Thx

0_o wha???

here are some ideas. if you have any fab skills or know someone that can weld it would seem like a relatively easy fix

Sorry I ment 2001tj do u know if the tranny is being held up bye that skid plate

Yes, the transmission mount bolts to the stock skid plate.

I just had the same issue and ended up taking it back to the dealer I was financing it from. The rust had caused my tranny to shift so much that it tweaked the linkage to the point it would barely go into gear. At least that’s what they told me when they bought it back from me.

Safe-T-Cap Frame Repair Kits by Auto Rust Technicians, in cranston. I had to do mine cause of all the crud that collected in there and rotted it out
Center Frame at Skid Plate Mount (ART-113-S)
$329.95 for both sides
all notched with new nutserts
just cut out the rot, slide these on and weld em up

Wow. That sounds easy! :mrgreen:

Thanks I’ll look them up

check the rest of the frame too, they rot pretty bad.

it really wasn’t that bad

the hardest part was cleaning all the crap out

i just fixed all six of my tcase skid bolts. for under 40 bucks… if ya know how to weld you can fix it easyaly…

i did an easy fix 3 years ago but this past thanks giving when i had to replace my clutch have the rail came off with the skid

i went to safe t caps and got the parts i needed. started the the project last weekend.a little harder then i thought not much room to weld under there.trying not to lift the body off. i have taken exhust, cat.and heat shield off still tight. i think i should of lifted the body.

If you have not welded anything yet,
Drill about 4 holes per upright of the cap spread a few inches apart so that once you slide them onto the frame you can fill them in and have some good welds than you can weld what you can along the top just for good measure

Finally finished with the frame. Took a little longer then planed. I should of taken the tub off to weld. Lesson learn thanks for all the suggestions. Next plow frame comming off for the season.

any good pics of the work?

Will we see you at the camp-n-wheel Aug 4-5?

pix comeing soon and cant make the camp. wish i could it sounds fun. lots of things going on

I know this is an old thread but does anyone out there have some experience with safe t cap? Recommend it? Seems like a good product. One of my friends at BSJ has some rot in the frame by the passengers side rear near the body mounts just below where the arch begins. Was wondering if this would be an easier solution than plasma cutting notches and plating it…

as they say a pic is worth a thousand words…