Frame Swap

So… my frame finally s#*t the bed. I actually ripped the rear spring eye loose (and welded it back in with 1" square tubing so I can drive around).

I’m going to be starting my frame swap next week - have a couple of house projects I have to finish this weekend. I’ll post up times when I’m going to be working, but I’ll provide free grub and beverages to people who are willing to help out.

The biggest challenge is going to be getting the tub off / on.

i’ll help any way i can

Its going to be real busy for me the next few weeks with travel and conferences but I will help out if at all possible. Are you setting a goal to be rolling before the May run?

yeah, don’t care about the April location - hoping to be up before May.

If i can get caught up around here i could help you with doing something

have you started this yet?
if not let me know ill be more than happy to lend a hand

We are down to 3 weeks until the RSG run. Its gonna be a good one!

I think he’s still recovering… my guess is that the jeep isn’t in his head right now. :frowning:

i missed that origanaly, just saw it

I learned about the following from Jeff @ Crown:

Might be easier than swapping frames . . .