for sale 1996 jeep cherokee sport 2 door

This is my baby and I hate to see her go. Asking $1100.00 or best offer. I am the third of 3 girls who owned this, I have had it for 6 1/2 years, and I am friends with the previous owners. No one beat on it but me. (I drove it to Providence every day for work) Every thing is stock. 232 k miles on a strait six, automatic (this thing can fly, it is faster than my wrangler and ford) What it needs…
Tires, (I have a set of 4, two on jeep rims but they are not that great either but they will pass inspection in R.I.)
Brakes (front needs it more than back)
exhaust and a cat the (check engine light is on) There is a recall out on the cat but I didn’t have the money to fix the exhaust so the cat was never done.
shocks…and probably all the front end crap that goes with it like ball joints and so on. (I think we replaced the sway bars a few years a go)
There is a rust spot near the drivers door that is almost through and on passengers side it is starting but not as bad, I don’t think it messes with the integrity of the jeep, it just looks bad.

I would like to sell it to someone that is going to make her an off roader so that the problems like bad tires and shocks aren’t really a big deal because it is going to be changed any way.

She starts, and she goes…fast…I always changed the oil and kept on top of the fluids. The 4 wheel drive works great, she doesn’t leak oil too bad or any thing for that matter, the radio is pretty bad ass too. I changed the radiator 3 times so that is new, and the power steering pump isn’t that old, and as you know the strait sixes are basically bullet proof. I freekin’ love this truck!

Any way if you want to check her out or make me a reasonable offer let me know! You can call me 860-753-2682 or email me back, but I don’t check my email every day. If you want more/better pictures please ask me to email you, I am an idiot and I can’t figure out how to post a picture right!
Thanks for your time!


hey gina glad you found your way here!

hey cj!
thanks for all of your help…I wanted more than any thing to join you last sunday but my neice turned two, and two is a really big deal, when you are that small! Next time I will be there with bells on! Hey, do you have a glove box that will fit my wrangler? (1997 tj) I have no box and the door keeps falling off, it is driving me freekin’ crazy!

as a matter of fact yes I do have an extra glove box. I’ll text you. If you haven’t already post a quick intro in the intro section. OSJ is a great club you’ll fit in well :smiley:

Hi Gina. I am looking for a cheap cherokee to drive when ther is weather is crappy. Do you still have yours for sale? If so I would like to check it out. I just opened a Jeep store and don’t have a lot of free time but I am sure we could work something out.

Hey gina, I was originally looking at your Jeep for my girlfriend but I just found out my Jeep falls under the lemon law in Ma. and the dealer is going to have to but it back from me.

is it registered in Ct?

your best bet is to PM her

Even better, talk to CJ today.