Was wondering if anyone knew anyone that was selling firewood but in logs 6 to 8 ft length and what they are asking for it, it is for myself and not to be resold, if you can get a price that be great
Joe sr.

are you against dropping and cutting trees on your own?

I have a few pine tree branches ranging from about 2"-5" diameter in thickness, and around 6 ft. long that you can have if you want.

No not at all, i do need it for this years burning season so if they are dead standing that be great althou i could cut them green and save for next year also i only have a small trailer so i wouldnt be able to handle big trees, and i cant burn pine they have to be hard woods
thanks for your replies
Joe sr.

I may know someone selling wood, pm me your contact info and I will forward it to him.

He called you right?

Yes he did, thanks Bob

i’ll be splitting and stacking wood at my parents place this weekend… cant wait :unamused:

When you done there and dont think you got enough exercise you could always come over and do some of mine:lol: :mrgreen:

you would need to have a keg of beer for my back pain :smiley:

My kids hate splitting too. But at least we have a hydraulic splitter.

ya, i’m going to have to try and borrow my buddies splitter. its electric hydraulic but it beats swinging a axe all day.