Finders fee for 96-98 Grand Cherokee

I am in the market for a 96-98 Grand Cherokee that meets the following criteria:

  • Black
  • 5.2L V8
  • Clean rust-free body (especially unibody structure)
  • Prefer less than 100k miles but will consider less than 150k miles
  • Prefer grey cloth interior but will consider others
  • Stock suspension and never wheeled.
  • Clean CARFAX
  • Prefer single owner with some evidence of maintenance history

I have been looking on Autotrader, CL, etc but its a PITA so I am offering a $100 finders fee to anybody who connects me with a rig that meets the above criteria and I actually buy it.

If I see anything I’ll let you know. Check out AutoTempest for your online searching. It combines results from multiples sites so you don’t have to type in the search criteria 100 times.

That helps. I’ve been typing in the search criteria to about 10 different CL regions every day. Ends up taking an hour or more by the time I’m done. Drove to NH last weekend to check out a supposedly “rust free” rig only to find holes in the uniframe.

I thought this was going to be a relatively easy search . . .

pm sent :sunglasses: … 9221&Log=0 … 6523&Log=0 … 2610&Log=0 … 0896&Log=0 … 2317&Log=0

None of those are black.

At the moment there are exactly five 96-98 Grand Cherokees within 300 miles on Autotrader that are black and have a V8. All have higher mileage than I was looking for and most have the sunroof.

I need to dig deeper.

Perhaps CJ can search the auto auction circuit for me? I’d love to find a Southern rig that has been sitting in a senior citizen’s garage for the last 10 year.

i sent my buddy a message the other day. he works for carmax and just started going to auctions so maybe he’ll come back with something

one word Eric…Wrangler :mrgreen:


DO IT, be one of us

C’mon Eric, you know you want to! :wink:

All the cool kids are doing it!

I was checking out Wrangler prices and same year, same mileage will often go for $1k-$2k more than a Grand Cherokee. You guys are brainwashed.

I wheeled a couple XJ’s over the last few years and even though the initial cost to get into a Wrangler is more, the cost of aftermarket parts seems to be drastically lower.

My 02 is still valued at $10,000 (if it weren’t all trail modified) :laughing:

Easier to fab parts too