Fill plug on Solid covers

Those of you that have the Solid Axle diff covers, what did you use to screw in the fill plug? Mine has a huge internal hex pattern. Can’t find a hex wrench that big. You’d think they would use an external pattern so you can get on it with a wrench or a 1/2" square internal pattern so you could use a standard socket drive.

i thought mine just accepted the 1/2" drive end of a socket.

nope i’m wrong it was a hex. i think my buddy has a set of 1/2" drive hex head sockets.

I have a set as well both metric and standard. let me know if you need to borrow them.

i think it was 9mm, cuz i had 8 and 10. had to go buy one at HF. $4 for a multitool

I used the head of a bolt. Put a nut on the bolt, and that enables you to put a socket to tighten.

thats a good idea. i should hve the size if u wanna borrow it

Let me know if you still need it, im sure i have one if not im sure we can fabricate one up :wink: :mrgreen:

i got one if you want to come by and we’ll tighten em up. not sure where you live i’m in coventry.