Fender Cutting

anyone know the proper way to cut XJ fenders?
My rear passengers side has a big rot hole in it that was discovered at sawmill when a tree removed my bumper cover…lol
I’m just looking to cut the rear right now, I’ll do the wheel wells when i get 33’s in the spring.

a couple guys have done it. i think the cleanest way is to cut and fold

i did the cut and fold on my gf cherokee. naxja has some good post on it. just search cut and fold.

I am in the process of cutting my zj. I used elec. tape to mark them out using the outer edge as my cut line and the inner line as the fold line. Then just used a cut off wheel on a 4.5 grinder. Once you have them cut you just make relief cuts from the cut line to the fold line. you will need more reliefs around the corners. Then just bang them over with a hammer.

I did the cut and fold method. Came out pretty good in my opinion

cherokeeforum.com/f58/rear-f … -up-94546/

I second, third and fourth what has been said. I also did the cut and fold on my last XJ. Worked great.